Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Test

I am so happy and thankful that tomorrow is my last big test on my Kidneys. They are doing it as a precaution, but my biopsy showed everything should be okay...HOORAY! I am hoping for a good year of clear health. I would love to use my PTO for vacation instead of hospital visits...

We are busy preparing for Molly's 2nd birthday this weekend...she told me she wants cake...just cake! I can't wait to post pictures. she already showed me what she is is of course, her "horsey dress" that my mom got her.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat Fun

So Trick or Treat was a big success!

Molly loved it and got quite into it, especially the candy part. We have discoverd her love of kitkats! Eddie would not let his mother's hand go when we went last night, but by the 3rd house, I had to chase down Molly to keep her near me. She was a pro! We did 12 houses then she decided it was time to go back to Papa and Grammy's and hand out candy...which when Eddie came back turned to them rolling down the front of the lawn.

This morning, Molly asked me if we had Trick or Treat again and I explained that Halloween was over, but next week we have her birthday. Well, that started rounds of her singing Happy Birthday (which she does as Hucka Burthday and it is so cute). We are busy preparing for her party. I have made a huge list of chores and shopping up to do this week, but am confident it will be a great party!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Early morning conversations

So this morning as I was flipping through the channels, trying to find the weather, Molly cried out "Stop!" when she saw Mickey Mouse on TV. It was the Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode where they take the kids to Disney World. Well Molly went beserk. This was most of the conversation:

Molly: Mickey! Minnie! Mickey! Minnie! I go there!

Mommy: Where?

Molly: Mickey Minnie's house. Castle! I go there. I go now.

Mommy: Why are you pushing me?

Molly: We go now Mama. We go see Mickey Minnie right now!

Mommy: We can't. They live in Floridia.

Molly: (Now standing on my bed pointing in earnest at the TV) I go now! I go to Fl-a-rida...Fl-a-rida NOW!

Mommy: We can't go today hunny. Maybe when you a little bit bigger.

Molly: I bigga now...Fl-a-rida....I love you Minnie (blows kiss at TV).

Now if you can imagine, what was even funnier, was that fact that it was 6AM and she was dressed in her Elmo Halloween costumer...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starting our Blog

So this is to keep those of you, who are interested, what is going on with our lives...mostly Molly!